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Health & Safety

As Scaffolding & Edge Protection Experts, we take a hands-on approach to Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety Practices

Having you and your workers as well as our staff return home safely to their families each night is our number one priority.  We actively promote Health & Safety both on your site as well as at our own premises.  We’re also a member of Site Safe which enables us to ensure we get access to new courses and training techniques which we then share with all our staff.

Every team member carries and wears their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at all times including harnesses to allow for safe working at heights.

All new employees are inducted in the Supercity Scaffolding way of doing things, which means they can be relied upon to work in a safe and health-conscious manner at all times. Supercity Scaffolding specialise in Residential, Commercial Scaffolding, see testimonials from some of our happy customers


Identifying & Documenting Risks.

Each day and at each job, our teams will assess and document the risks that are unique to your site and will agree and document plans for mitigating, eliminating or managing those risks.  All teams carry first aid kits and are able to deal with any onsite emergencies before medical help arrives.

Weekly scheduled Health & Safety meetings occur internally where events, lessons learned and safe work practices are shared, agreed and adopted.

Continuous Training.

Our Directors take an active role in promoting Health & Safety in the work place, and considerable steps have been taken to ensure all staff are trained to carry out their roles in a safe and compliant manner.

Training is ongoing as we continue striving to have everyone put Health & Safety in the forefront of their minds. This includes having our staff trained to the appropriate unit standards set out by the NZQA for the different aspects of our work, such as safe work practices for working at heights, and the correct use of a safety harness for fall prevention.

All staff members who work at heights have either been through the following unit standards or are scheduled to go through them:

  • US 15757: Employ fall arrest systems on building and construction sites
  • US 17600: Explain safe work practices for working at heights
  • US 23229: Use a safety harness for fall prevention when working at heights in a construction or related content.

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