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Quality Scaffold Structures & Shrink Wraps
Your reliable and trusted scaffolding rental company covering the greater Auckland region working largely in West and Central, the North Shore and the Rodney district. For all your scaffolding needs get in contact with us today

Tube & Clip

Is a versatile type of scaffold consisting of steel tubes and clamps, in some countries also called Tube and Clamp. Vertical tubes are connected to horizontal tubes. Diagonal tubes are connected to the scaffold via swivel clamps in order to stabilise the structure.

Pro Scaf

Proscaf, is a world-leading steel scaffolding system, installed via bolt-free connections. The Ringlock system’s 8-hole rosette allows for a greater amount of join angles for full flexibility.(source: Safesmart Access)

Home Scaffold Hire

Whether it’s painting the house or building a new one, Supercity Scaffolding has the team, experience and qualifications to do the job right. Your scaffolding hire quote from us can include:

Deliver – After our initial consultation and agree on specifics, we’ll deliver the equipment to your site so you can get started on your project

Erect – Our team will erect and ensure all safety checks have been adhered to

Dismantle – Once you’ve finished with your work, give us a call and we come and dismantle the scaffold for you so you don’t have

Safety First – We’re a safety first scaffolding company, who hold ourselves to high standards as our employees and customers safety is paramount. See our safety section for more details

Construction Scaffold

We’ve been fortunate to be contracted to some of Auckland’s large scale commercial developments. Our large selection of Tube & Clip and ProScaf equipment, as well as being SARNZ members means we can take on larger construction projects with relative ease.

Scaffold Hire or Buy

Our large North Shore based yard has you covered for all your needs. Our scaffolding supplier is one of the largest and most respected so you can be sure our product and service is world class. Let’s talk today about your next project

Brick Guards

The purpose of a brickguard is to prevent materials from falling off the working platform of the scaffold where toeboards do not offer sufficient protection

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap sheeting can be heat shrunk so it is fitted very tightly around the scaffolding structure and makes it far less likely to flap due to the weather conditions. Supercity Scaffold are experts at creating a robust temporary weather protector for your project. Whether you are protecting scaffold, construction site, marine or any other structure get in contact today to discuss further

Edge Protection

If there is the possibility that someone will fall when working on a roof, some form of edge protection should be used to ensure workers are safe when working on a roof. Whether it’s working on single-storey buildings and structures, our team are equipped with the know how and experience to advise and build, the best possible protection for your staff and workers

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